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Logo Design

Many businesses struggle with branding and distinguishing themselves from the crowd and their competitors. This is because designing a logo needs professionalism to study the nature, history, culture, values, colors and its symbols and to understand the competitive environment.

​​Undersatnding the Brand

Every company has some kind of purpose and winning ticket. Understanding the brand and researching other similar brands and logos will provide our designers a scope and spectrum of what to look for and design.

The logo can be designed in only texts or icons and symbols or a combination of both. The goal is to project the company’s intended image.


It is important to think creative as every brand consists of two elements; a wordmark and a symbol. After understanding the brand, our designers discuss the customer’s interest in all fields, color, symbol, font, effect and idea. This is also done by sending a questionnaire to the customer.


Business Card Design
Flyers & Advertising
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Business Social Media Management

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter


A social media manager can ensure you're using social media intentionally, in a way that protects and builds your brand. Keep in mind that a half-baked strategy can be just as bad as no strategy at all.

Google Business and Plus 

We will connect your business to all available online search engines and manage them

for you so that you can concentrate on whats more important to you which is running your business.



Site optimization is one of the most important factors in ranking a website organically. This is the practice of setting up keywords in the proper tags that tells the search engines what is important, critique text of your products and services, adjust your title tags, and add the proper tags in your code and several internal links to make your site rank. A clean up of your existing search engine links, robot files, and XML document are also best practices to ensure the most accurate and best results.